Why buy with us?

Why are our prices so low?

We work directly with factories and distributors in the country of origin of each product. We have the best prices because we eliminate intermediaries and help factories to sell more, directly to the final consumer.
Fastest possible delivery time: depends on your location. But average shipping takes 14-25 days.
Some of our customers received their orders in 14-25 business days, others in 30-45. We will fully or partially refund you if the shipment takes too long.
Secure Payments

Payment is 100% secure. We process all payments through PayPal, PayPal is 100% secure, there is no information stored on our website, and PayPal uses 128-bit SSL encryption which makes your payment 100% secure. If you have problems paying with PayPal, contact us and we will help you.
100% Secure Payments
All payments are processed by PayPal, the world's leading payment system. Even if you don't have an account, you can easily pay with a credit / debit card. Here you can find a way to pay with your credit / debit card.
We do not store payment information on our website. However, your payment information is entered directly into PayPal, making it impossible to intercept your sensitive payment information. PayPal uses 128-bit SSL encryption.
Through our Buyer Protection program, you are fully covered. How Buyer Protection Works:
All orders are covered by our buyer protection program. Easy refund and refund if you are not satisfied.