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Buying shoes online can be difficult, for this reason in this article we are going to talk about how to determine our size online. At the end of this guide, we will know how to apply the knowledge acquired here to determine the sizes or quantity of footwear (for men, women and children).

Sizes vary by seller.

Before starting, there is something important that we will have to take into account and that is that the sizes vary according to the seller. In the absence of a GUZALCDIDI.COM uniform size system, every time we make a purchase we will have to make sure that the size of the product we are buying is correct. We will do this by looking at the size charts we offer.

Conversion tables and size in GUZALDIDI.COM

In most cases, vendors offer a size chart, found on the product page. To access it, we will have to move more or less towards the center of the page, where we will find additional information about the product, as well as the size and the conversion table. It is necessary to correct it well, since these tables often go unnoticed. Well, let's start with the guide on how to find your size on GUZALCDIDI.COM.

In this section we will talk about how to find our shoe number on GUZALCDIDI.COM. Do not worry, even if it seems complicated, the truth is that it is quite simple if you follow our guide.

First of all, clarify that many times the sizes of men and women in GUZALCDIDI.COM use two totally different numbers. That is, a 39 for a man is not equivalent to a 39 for a woman (39 for a man is bigger than a woman). Another important thing to keep in mind is that the suppliers of GUZALCDIDI.COM are almost always better than their products with the US-size system. You will know that the size is in this system because you will receive the letters US / US.

It is very important that the things of this in you are going to buy shoes at GUZALCDIDI.COM since you know what size system the product is in the first step before you can convert to your number of feet.

How to know if you are carving for men, women, children or babies?

This is very simple, this information will always be seen in the product description. You can also see which size system the provider uses (as mentioned earlier, in 99% of cases, the sizes are in the US, US / US system). In the following example, we have a description of the product where we can see that they are men's shoes and that the size is in the metric of the United States.

Adult conversion table:

How does it work? Very easy, you just have to locate your country (Spain, Chile, United Kingdom, Europe, Mexico ...) in the table. If your country does not appear or does not know its equivalence in European size, then we explain another way to determine its size in the following method.

For example, let's say we live in Europe or know what size we have left for the European system.

Let's say we have 40 standing. Now we just have to follow the European row until we find the number 40. As we know that the suppliers of GUZALCDIDI.COM almost always use the US size, we will see the column until we find the US row. UU and Canada.

You will see that there are two rows, one with an M (men) and one with a W (women). The M is for men and the W is for women. Therefore, if I am a woman, the size of my shoe in GUZALCDIDI.COM would be 9 and if I am a man it would be 7.5.

Conversion table for children and babies:

It works in the same tide as the first table, the only difference is that with the shoes for children it is not distinguished by sex (boy or girl) the sizes are universal.

GUZALCDIDI.COM vendor equivalence tables

You will always find these tables on the product page, about halfway. They work exactly like the shoe equivalence tables we have shown above. The following are just a few examples:

Tape measure: how to measure the foot?

Do not leave my country in the conversion table ... Do not worry! In these cases, you can measure your foot and use the seller's conversion chart to determine its size.

To measure your foot, it is very important that you do it in the following way so as not to make mistakes. Although you can do it alone, it's always easier if someone helps you.

Put a piece of paper on the floor
Put your foot on the paper, it is important that your foot is not larger than the paper. If this is the case, you can put two sheets of paper together.
Now relax the foot and mark with a pen the heel of the foot with a line and the longest toe.

Now it's about measuring with a tape measure the distance between the two points you marked on the paper and pointing it out (in centimeters (CM) if possible, since the tables generally use this metric).

Now just go to the conversion table and see what number in the US. EU. China It is your foot measurement. If you have between two

Last tips before buying shoes at GUZALCDIDI.COM: always look at the reviews and, in case of doubt, contact the seller

Even so, if we have any questions, it is always better to contact the seller directly. We also recommend consulting the opinions of consumers, as they will generally give us an indication of whether the sizes are actually a little larger or smaller than what they put on the tables.


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