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Shipping: How long is an order?

by Diogenes Castro | | | 0 Comments

Many times he sends us comments on the blog asking us when your order will arrive approximately, if it is normal that it takes so long ... We cannot know for sure when your order will arrive, but in these years we have acquired some experience in this topic and we want to share our knowledge with you We will explain what orders take longer, how long it takes to get a package of Guzalcdidi ... Read on to become an expert!

Processing and delivery time in Guzalcdidi

In order for you to understand how long your Guzalcdidi order will take, it is important that you know how shipments work on this famous website. Once we click on the payment button and our payment is confirmed, the seller begins to prepare our order. This may take a few hours or several days, depending on the size of the package, if the seller has had many sales lately ... We can see how long it takes the seller to prepare the order before buying, as you can see in the following image (only you can see it in the application). Anyway, even if you put 9 days, sellers generally prepare the order in much less time, in about 2-3 days your order will be on the way home.

In case the seller does not send the order, the money will be automatically returned with the same payment method used. But this generally does not happen, except in exceptional cases, it is normal that once you have it ready, a notification appears when the package has been sent. That's where the delivery time begins to count.

How long does it take to get Guzalcdidi packages?

When buying the product, the seller gives us an estimate of the delivery time. It is an approximate estimate according to the selected shipping method, but the actual time it takes to obtain a Guzalcdidi package depends on several factors that we will explain below.

Shipping method

 There are many shipping methods, but we can mainly differentiate between those sent by private courier (DHL, SEUR, FEDEX, UPS ...) and the rest. If you have purchased a product with a private courier service, your package will arrive in record time, but you may have to pay tariffs, something that happens most of the time.

In the other shipping methods, the time varies according to the transport company. For example, Guzaldidi has commercial agreements with emails from the Dominican Republic, so there are certain shipments that will take less. In general, certified shipments take much less than ordinary shipments.

Destination country

Guzalcdidi sends products to almost any part of the world, but it will arrive much faster to those countries where there are generally many orders abroad and with a good state postal service. In general, Guzalcdidi shipments take 2 to 3 weeks to arrive, but the protection time is 60 days and, depending on the time of year or the country of destination, you may have to wait up to 60 days to receive it. In any case, it is better to see the weather forecast offered by the seller and think that it is always possible to extend it a little more.

Time of year

Your orders may take longer at times of many orders, such as the famous 11.11 or Christmas. This happens because in the country of origin there is a large accumulation of orders, but also when it arrives in your country it may be even longer because the postal service also collapses.
You should also keep in mind that national holidays, in which the entire country is celebrated, generally last one or two weeks, so if you buy on those dates, your orders may take longer than normal.

A way to get your products in record time

One of the biggest points of sale that Guzaldidi has compared to other pages is the possibility of receiving their products in a national store located in their country. This will significantly reduce the waiting time and eliminate the possibility of possible customs surcharges. However, we can only buy with national shipping in those sellers that have their own warehouse. If you want to search for products with this type of shipment, you just have to filter the search.

And if you read us from the Dominican Republic, we have good news for you: Guzalcdidi is betting on buyers from our country, and it is becoming easier to find stores with national shipments. In fact, a few months ago Guzalcdidi opened the Guzalcdidi Plaza portal, where you can only find sellers with shipments from the Dominican Republic and high quality brands, also clothing and footwear stores.

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